Patented form of a bed was inspired by a silhouette of a yacht. It is the embodiment of beauty and luxury. It has got an unforgettable modern design, symmetry and masterly details.


A specially designed gondola and delicacy of the materials used inside make a baby feel peaceful as if it was still inside the mother’s womb.


The small bed was made taking into account all the binding standards and attestations. When used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations the bed has a favorable impact on your baby’s health and development.


Thanks to innovative solutions the Luulu bed is easy in handling. Its height facilitates the parents to have an easy access to the baby.


The prestige was achieved thanks to the highest quality materials to produce and finish the bed. Therefore, Luulu bed is a luxurious product for the most demanding clients.


Luulu is a guarantee of a superb dream about the best comfort. The tender and quilted  interior made from the best quality materials will provide your small  baby with luxury and prestige from the first moments of life.

She – a dreamer with an artistic soul ; he – a man who desires to fulfill all her dreams.
They expect a baby and look for the ideal small bed … Both of them want the space of their home to be visited by aesthetic, clear and graceful things expressing their dreams.