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Created from love to luxury

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Luulu Black Collection is the quintessence of glamour style inspired by the perfect beauty of precious ores and stones. The small bed - glittering and shimmering like a mysterious sapphire - was made with the aim of the most sophisticated interiors. High gloss in deep blackness and immaculate whiteness of the padding are highly appreciated by the fans of elegance and luxury.

Made for a baby, the gondola was designed in such a way so as to let the baby feel like in the mother’s womb.

The exclusive Luulu small beds are extraordinarily comfortable, attractive and practical in use.
Luulu Black Collection is based on a reliable construction, unique connections, materials of high quality and luxurious accessories.

Alphabet of Luxury


Overall height – 122 cm
Overall length – 95 cm
Overall width – 65 cm


Neatly made, the mattress is highly flexible, completely natural and ecologic. It is anti-allergic and provides comfort in the highest degree.


Thanks to the innovative solutions applied in Luulu small bed it is easy in handling. Its height is adjusted so that the parents are provided with an easy access to the baby.


The interior padding is made from Italian leathers of the highest quality which are also soft and flexible.


Stability is guaranteed by a unique shape of a luxurious boat and an internal load.


Beautiful quilted interior decorated with original Swarovski’s crystals add elegance and refinement to the padding in the small bed.


Multi-directional wheels which allow you to move the small bed freely to any place at home and handles enabling easy rocking and moving the bed perfectly combine elegance and comfort.


The small bed was manufactured according to the binding standards and attestations, and when used pursuant to the manufacturer’s instruction, it affects positively your baby’s health and development.


Prestige was achieved thanks to the highest quality materials to produce and finish the bed. Therefore, Luulu bed is a luxurious product for the most demanding clients.

An unforgettable form of Luulu was inspired by the sea-going yachts of luxury class. A modern shape of Luulu small beds is both stable and gentle, and the wheels going in every direction allow for easy and safe carrying of the sleeping baby to any place at home.

Luulu Black Collection is a prestigious decorative element of every space, from the living room to the children’s room. Thanks to Luulu your small sweetie feels safe and falls asleep easily, whereas you get a pretty and useful decoration for your home. It may always be close to you.

Luulu small beds bring a big amount of unrepeatable atmosphere, subtle elegance and charm to your home. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that the materials used in the manufacturing process of the small beds are the most beautiful ones and of the highest quality. The baby’s nice dreams are related to the appropriate bedding which was also cautiously prepared to provide the small dreamer with a sense of safety and comfort.

Should you like to be surrounded by luxury, Luulu Black small bed will certainly meet your expectations.