She – a dreamer with an artistic soul ; he – a man who desires to fulfill all her dreams. They expect a baby and look for the ideal small bed …

Both of them want the space of their home to be visited by aesthetic, clear and graceful things expressing their dreams.
One winter morning they walked around the marina.

The snowflakes were lazily falling down onto the boats submerged in the silent sea. They both admired the yachts in the dock – their flawless whiteness and streamlined shapes. Being both subtle and powerful in their expression the boats resist the ruthless force of the waters and air. And the luxurious yachts have become inspiration to create something exceptional.

They mastered their euphoria to design something which would serve not only them and their beloved baby, but also other families who appreciate elegance in everyday life. They drew many pictures, worked hard, discussed, modified …. and had so many ideas until the best one appeared. A perfect design, the only one in its kind as if taken from a fairy tale.
This is how Luulu was created.

An unforgettable form of Luulu was inspired by the sea-going yachts of luxury class. A modern shape of Luulu small beds is both stable and gentle and the wheels going in every direction allow for easy and safe carrying of the sleeping baby to any place at home.

Luulu Black Collection is a prestigious decorative element of every space, from the living room to the children’s room. Thanks to Luulu your little sweetie feels safe and happy and and falls asleep easily, whereas you get a pretty and useful decoration for your home. It may always be close to you.

Luulu small  beds bring a big amount of unrepeatable atmosphere, subtle elegance and charm to your home. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that the materials used in the manufacturing process of the small  beds are the most beautiful ones and of the highest quality. The baby’s nice dreams are related to the appropriate bedding which was also cautiously prepared to provide your little dreamer with a sense of safety and comfort.

Should you like to be surrounded by luxury, the Luulu small bed will certainly meet your expectations.