Are you fond of art design style? Luulu White small bed is our response to a question about a baby’s cot which would satisfy those parents who live in the apartments or houses made in art design style.

The loft interior has a unique character. The elevation is made of glass in more than one third part of the walls. Large, glass facades are dominant among concrete, wood and metal components. The complex is an example of stylish postindustrial architecture whereby you can admire the panorama of Warsaw looking through the 6m high windows.
In such a unique and spacious interior having a modern and mobile small bed for your baby is an ideal supplementation of the space.
Luulu White Collection is the quintessence of elegance and good taste. What is characteristic is high quality, refined and modern design , innovative solutions, contemporary style, smooth finish with high gloss and sophisticated tender interiors.
The simple, geometric shapes, orderly lines and perfect proportions – so typical for Luulu Collection – ideally correspond to the piano whiteness. The Collection is intended for the contemporary parents who wish to be surrounded by exclusive things and simple, yet refined patterns.