Let’s imagine an apartment with a view to the sea. The blue of the sea, light breeze and crystal- clear air.  In such an apartment the view is of great importance –  there is no place for furniture in various styles and knick-knacks.  This is the blue and white – nothing more is needed.  Thereby, mobile Luulu Design small bed from Luulu White Collection is the best for this scenery.  This is a bed which you can freely move and place on the terrace to enjoy the time in such wonderful conditions.

Luulu White Collection is the quintessence of elegance and good taste. What is characteristic is high quality,  refined and modern design and innovative solutions, contemporary design, smooth finish with high gloss and sophisticated tender interiors.

The simple, geometric shapes, orderly lines and excellent proportions – so typical for Luulu Collection – ideally correspond to the piano whiteness.  The unforgettable form of Luulu was inspired by the sea-going yachts of luxury class. Therefore, it corresponds perfectly to the Mediterranean apartment and climate. Luulu small bed appears to be ideal against the background the blue of the sea and delicate breeze.  The form is both stable and tender, and the multi-directional wheels let you move the sleeping baby easily and safely to any part of the apartment. In addition, the materials used for the small bed manufacturing should also be emphasized. This is why the bed is so beautiful and unique.