Brilliance, opulence and baroque inspiration – this is how the interiors in glamour style may be described. The fans of frippery and luxury in combination with a touch of modernity find themselves perfectly in this aesthetic consisting of furniture in glamour style.
When furnishing an apartment it is worth remembering about colors you should focus on. And there are so many of them: saturated turquoise and emeralds, strong violet and purple colors, distinct roses and yellows, and, finally, standard combination of white and black. Such color combinations may be applied to both walls and decorative elements! And those colors included in the above mentioned aesthetics play an important role. So what decorations should you choose? Shiny fabrics, crystal chandeliers, large patterns, richly ornamented mirrors, colorfully upholstered furniture. Let’s not be afraid to mix tradition and modernism!
So perfect in every detail, the interiors are ready to have guests.
In a space designed in glamor style there is no place for wicker baskets or wooden baby cots. In case of glamour style Luulu Design small bed is the only noble solution e.g. Luulu Black Collection. Luulu is the quintessence of elegance in glamour style inspired by excellent beauty of precious stones and ores. The small bed shinning with the light like a mysterious sapphire was designed with the aim of the most sophisticated interiors. The high gloss of deep blackness and immaculate whiteness of the padding gain recognition of those who love elegance and luxury.
Who said that the only reasonable decoration for a child’s room is blue or pink? You should give your baby what you really love and admire – elegance, comfort and luxury.